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The idea of a World Concern Group (WCG) came from the Congregational Development Group and arose after a visit from our Mission Partners, Ida and Keith Waddell, that coincided with an illustrated address and talk from Janice Scotland on Christian Aid. Following public meetings in the Town Hall a steering group was formed and consent was given by the Kirk Session to establish the group on October 19th 2010. Initial thoughts were for a structure that would encompass other interested organisations in Clackmannan but the group was constituted and has remained a congregational organisation. Its purpose was then and still is, to help co-ordinate support for those less privileged than ourselves and to react to needy situations across the world where considered both possible and practical.

Since its inception the WCG has supported many causes that include: Vision Aid, Tools for Self Reliance, Emergency Box scheme, Water Aid, Souper Sunday, (Church of Scotland HIV programme), Fair Trade, Aqua Box, Mamie Martin Fund for educating girls in Malawi. The WCG also support many crises such as the refugee crisis in South Sudan and natural disasters whenever they arise. So the list goes on.

Although membership of the steering group has changed over the years the WCG continues to endeavour to fulfil the original objectives noted above. The group is only able to do this as a result of the generosity of members of the congregation who unfailingly provide the necessary funds, unused spectacles and tools or whatever is requested of them.


Our recognition of the above is to take the form of the Big Brew celebration on 15th March 2020. This is a little later than the official forthnight because of various other local Church celebrations. On the day, in exchange for a donation we will again be offering some fine delicacies to sample with your post service tea or coffee.

It is a couple of years since we made particular efforts to collect unwanted spectacles. Whilst contributions can be made at anytime by depositing old spectacles in a box in the vestibule it is felt that we could make a concentrated effort between mid-March and the end of April. All are requested to clean out those unwanted spectacles during this period and donate them to a good cause. This year we are also hoping to include a couple of primary schools in our collection rounds.
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