God has called His people in Clackmannan Parish Church, under His guidance, to be a congregation committed to sharing Jesus' Word and Love with the community.

Mission Statement

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Clackmannan Parish Church of Scotland


Each Wednesday evening at 8.00pm in the Bruce Memorial Hall the opportunity is given to meet for fellowship, a short bible study and prayer.  This meeting lasts approximately one hour and concludes with a 'cuppa'.  Everyone is welcome.  For further information on this gathering please click on the 'Wednesday Prayers’ link in the drop down menu.


Church Services take place every Sunday in Church at 11.00 am.  Usually they follow a familiar pattern, with participation by our Church Choir, and various other members taking turns doing the scripture readings.  We use CH4 normally, backed up by Mission Praise, and we also can and do use more modern songs too.  We also have video projection facilities and use powerpoint presentations quite effectively within occasional services.

Communion is celebrated four times a year, on the second Sunday of March, June, September and December.  In addition to our 11.00 am service, and 3.00 pm service on that day, we also have a 6.30pm Service held in the Bruce Memorial Hall.  In addition to our stated Communions, we also celebrate on Maundy Thursday.

Children and Communion

Normally our young people are involved in activities for their own age group during Communion Services, as they are on a normal Sunday.  However, under certain circumstances, Clackmannan Church allows young people to take Communion before 'joining' the Church.  A young person who wants to celebrate communion must have the permission of their parents, be able to demonstrate an understanding of what communion means, and must have the agreement of the Kirk Session.



On the second Sunday of each month we hold our Afternoon Service: a short Service lasting approximately thirty minutes, which is followed by a light afternoon tea.  This Service is suitable for older and less able folks to come along and share in worship and fellowship together.  If you know of anyone who would appreciate such an afternoon please bring them along to the Bruce Memorial Hall for 3.00 pm.



These are the special times when many members of the community attend worship in the Church.  For details of these Services, please click on the appropriate link.

Anyone is welcome at any or all of our Services of Worship.  Please come along, we'd be glad to see you.


Each December 1st we colour our floodlights red to mark World Aids Day.

Photograph courtesy of Duncan Brember

Wheelchair access is available to all our buildings

Our Sanctuary is fitted with an Induction Loop system