Stained Glass Windows

north side east

St Margaret

The sixth and final window downstairs in the church was gifted by the Hon. Victoria Bruce in memory of her sister, the Hon. Jean Bruce, who served for twenty-three years as Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Mary, at Buckingham Palace.  The window was made by Professor Herbert Hendrie.  It depicts, in the centre panel, St Margaret, Queen of Scotland.  

The left panel shows Jesus and the Canaanite woman who pleaded for healing for her daughter and argued with Jesus who told her "O woman, great is they faith" and healed her daughter (St Matthew 15:28).  The right panel declares "This woman was full of good works".  The text comes from Acts 9:36, and is the story of Tabitha - her name in Greek is Dorcas - who spent all her time helping the poor.  She took ill and died, and her friends called for St Peter who raised her.