God has called His people in Clackmannan Parish Church, under His guidance, to be a congregation committed to sharing Jesus' Word and Love with the community.

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The death of someone close is a difficult experience to bear, particularly in the early days when there is so much to be organised and dealt with.  If you are going through the sad event of a bereavement you may be responsible for arranging the funeral of your loved one.  In the first instance you should contact one of the local undertakers, who will as a matter of course discuss with you the arrangements for the funeral service, including who you might want to conduct the Service for you. Today there are several options available, some of which incur charges for their services.

The minister is available to all residents in the parish, whether church members or not, to conduct the funeral service for you free of any charge (though should you want to use the Church please note that there is usually a charge for this and local undertakers can advise you of these on request) should you want a Christian funeral Service.  If you reside in the area surrounding Clackmannan, that will normally be the minister of this Congregation.

There is nothing to stop you contacting the minister first, if you want.  Between the minister, undertakers, and yourself, a date and time for the funeral will be arranged, and the minister will call, among other things, to discuss the arrangements you want to make for the Service(s).

The minister will also be available to provide pastoral support after the funeral should you want this.  He can also provide long term support through the congregation’s pastoral care team.  Please speak to him if you want further information.