God has called His people in Clackmannan Parish Church, under His guidance, to be a congregation committed to sharing Jesus' Word and Love with the community.

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Clackmannan Parish Church of Scotland


Do you have to be a member to belong to Clackmannan Church?

The answer of course is "No."  It is possible to just attend, and get involved in the life of the church without becoming a 'member’.  However many people do become members of the Church because they want to get involved to the very fullest extent in the life of the church. Non-members are restricted in the degree to which they can serve. For instance, you cannot be an office-bearer, or vote in a Church meeting, unless you are a church member.

So how can you become a member of Clackmannan Church?

The first step is to come along to church on a Sunday morning and introduce yourself to the minister, (or ask one of the elders to introduce you).  If you have never been a member of The Church of Scotland before, and you feel at home among us, an Enquirers Class (often called a Communicants Class) will be held when the vows of membership will be explained and discussed.  Following that series of classes you will be asked to take vows in Church (we call that 'profession of faith') and by so doing will be admitted to membership.

What if I'm already a member of a Church?

If you are already a member of a congregation of the Church of Scotland and want to transfer your membership, ask the Session Clerk or Minister of your current church to send your Certificate of Transference, or "lines" to our Session Clerk, whose name and address are listed on our contacts page.

If you are a member of a Church other than the Church of Scotland, or if you're not sure if you are a member of a church already, or have lost your "lines", please contact the Minister or Session Clerk for advice.