God has called His people in Clackmannan Parish Church, under His guidance, to be a congregation committed to sharing Jesus' Word and Love with the community.

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Clackmannan Parish Church of Scotland


A small but dedicated group of Boys and Officers meet each week to form our BB Company.  The 36th Stirling (Clackmannan) Company has been in existence for some 30 years and have produced a large number of Queen's and President's Men during that time.

The Company meets in the Town Hall, Main Street, Clackmannan, on Friday evenings as follows:

Anchor Boys, for Boys aged 5 to 8, 5.30pm till 6.30pm

Junior Section, for Boys aged 8 to 11, 5.30pm till 7.00pm

Company Section, for Boys aged 11 and up, 7.00pm till 9.00pm

For further information about the work of The Boys' Brigade, check out their website.

For information in regard to our own Company, check out their Facebook page.